Monday, June 28, 2010

Raising the White Flag

Sometimes the Wine Armada surrenders to the heat of summer. Thankfully, the winemakers in Rueda come to our rescue by combining two of this region's most notable grapes in this 50-50 blend of Verdejo and Viura. Think turbo-charged Sauvignon Blanc and this unique white will have you quickly forgetting the need to pour anything red in your glass.

2008 Esperanza Verdejo Viura

Rueda, Spain

THROUGH THE NOSE: Citrus and white flowers.

AROUND THE MOUTH: Ruby red grapefruit and fresh white peaches.

ON THE SIDE: Was the perfect match for chicken enchiladas, but would also work well with your "catch of the day."

BY THE NUMBERS: This can be yours for around $14. I captured my bottle at City Gourmet in downtown St. Louis. Wine Armada gives this a 16-gun salute on our 21-gun salute scale.

IN SUMMARY: Rueda is a region quickly gaining in popularity and is placing Spain on the world map with white wine that is fresh, flavorful and fabulously food friendly. So if the outdoor temperature is taking the wind out of your sails, try this or other Verdejo blends to right your ship.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pink Wine at Night, Sailors Delight

We promised a review on this organically-grown, tetra-packed wine after our “STAYcation” at Saint Louis Cellars, and the Wine Armada now delivers. Trying one of these new “green” packages has been on the radar for awhile, so when this Monestrall/Syrah blend from Spain’s Alicante region appeared on their horizon, we immediately sailed full-speed ahead.

2008 Yellow + Blue Rosé

Alicante, Spain

THROUGH THE NOSE: Hard cherry candy and red raspberry jam

AROUND THE MOUTH: Pomegranate and strawberry juice, with a tenuous minerally, acidic grip on larger than usual Rosé frame.

ON THE SIDE: Serve cool, but not cold. Was the perfect partner to an herbed chicken thrown on the grill. Would perform just as well on it’s own poolside, on a warm summer day.

BY THE NUMBERS: Saint Louis Cellars will surrender this for only $13.99. Wine Armada gives this a 15-gun salute on our 21-gun salute scale.

IN SUMMARY: An extra salute is fired in honor of yellow+blue wine’s earth-friendly commitment with their packaging and organic certification. This Rosé is as fresh and flavorful as anything from a bottle and is a trend we can all get on board with.